How to build your Twitter following quickly.

This excerpt from my interview with Internet Marketer Phil Hampton explains in great detail how he managed to build an impressive Twitter following in only a few months using Tweetadder.

How did you build your Twitter following so quickly?

According to FollowerHub you started using Twitter in October of 2010. In just one year you’ve developed an impressive following. What do you attribute your success on Twitter to?

Basically, when I started on Twitter, I didn’t have a website. So I couldn’t tweet links to any of my stuff!  Therefore, I just scoured the Internet for great tutorial articles and videos, using Social Oomph to set up a week’s worth of tweets in a few hours at the weekend. Then I would respond to people’s comments using my iPhone app. I try to respond to every comment that I’m sent, either as a direct message or a public reply (though I admit the odd one may ‘fall through the cracks’.  I gained about 1000 followers in two months using this strategy. Then I set up my website and had less time to tweet, so my following didn’t grow as quickly.

Also, in order to grow your following on Twitter, you have to follow other people. I have recently purchased an automated program called ‘Tweetadder’ that is set to auto-follow people based on certain keywords that are unique to my audience (e.g. comics, writer, artist, inker etc.). If they don’t follow me back within about 3 days, the program unfollows them.

This all sounds a bit harsh, but Twitter sets strict limits on how many people you can follow, and also penalises you if you’re following too many people based on your number of followers. There has to be a certain ratio between the two.

Therefore, using a program such as Tweetadder ensures that you are working within the (arguably unfair) limits that Twitter has set, whilst regularly increasing your followers. So it’s a means to an end – more people get to see my great free stuff!

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