SEO for Business in 2009

Back in 2009 I watched an interesting video (online) about the future of SEO. According to the video, in 2009 Google was heading towards giving better ranking to websites offering video, audio and flash in their search results. The case for this theory has since been proven many times over. While Blogs will continue to add value to your online marketing, due to the relevancy of the content it makes sense that Google now favors video content over written text.

Think of it from a user’s perspective and ask yourself, “would you rather watch a 2 minute video, or read a 2500 word article about the product or service you’re interested in?”. Google has since embraced this approach and gives their users what they want.

That leaves little choice for businesses who wish to continue to rank well in search engines and capitalize on that traffic. If you’re not thinking of adding video to your site now, you better start thinking about it soon.