Social Networking Tools I Use

Just thought I’d share some of the social networking tools I use and how. I  primarily use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. I also use Google Places for my business listing, but there are many other online directories that can be used to get exposure for one’s business, such as, Kudzu, MerchantCircle and a variety of others. Each offers different advantages, but for the most part they allow customers to leave feedback about one’s business, but I digress.

My favorite and most used social networking tool is Twitter. I’m constantly sharing links to interesting articles that I read online, as well as articles I write myself. It’s good to stay active in any social network that you become involved with, since others are there for similar reasons. It’s best to approach social networking with a giving attitude, since followers will quickly get tired of self promotion, or lack of activity, and leave you behind for someone more interesting.

Finally, another tool that I use regularly, however it might not be considered social media, is my email newsletter. I publish this once or twice a month and include some unique content so that subscribers feel as if they are getting something no one else has access too. I actually use the content after a week or so as blog material to get some extra mileage out of my content, but the subscribers get first consumption of said material :D.

With so many tools available, the best thing I can say is for anyone interested to choose the tools you like best, use them often and stay active. Use these tools for enjoyment as much as for promotion and your online network will grow itself.

What social networking tools do you use and how do they affect your campaigns?